mobile trivia schedule

While platforms like YouTube and Twitch are becoming the modern TV. A different kind of live streaming method is becoming popular: Interactive Live Streams.

It first started with the live trivia show for money: HQ Trivia. And now more and more apps are on the rise that do the exact same, or take a new spin on the concept.

Triviatrckr helps discovering new apps and seeing the schedule for them in one place. So you don’t have to miss another show, ever again.

“I played trivia apps quite often, but with so many new apps and shows that were being added, it was hard to keep track of them.”


While triviatrckr was a simple concept, and the first live site was made on WordPress, Lilian Tedone stepped in and redesigned the website and made a scheduling system that is live on the website right now. Everything is custom made, from the actual schedule, to the scheduler dashboard.

The first non-wordpress version of triviatrckr.

 The dark theme that was requested by our community.

Nothing would’ve been done without Lilian and Andrei, and this project was pure out of passion for this new market. So go check their work, it’s worth your time.


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